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The Town of Altona and Municipality of Rhineland have been selected to participate in the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. The purpose of this Pilot is to support economic development within Altona and Rhineland, strengthen our local employer’s capacity to develop and retain a skilled workforce, and address persistent and emerging labour market needs and demographic challenges.


Currently, Altona and Rhineland have a combined unemployment rate of 3.7% and the Government of Manitoba projects a labour shortage of over 20,000 skilled workers by 2020.


SEED in partnership with the Altona & District Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a Lunch & Learn informational session called “The Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot – What Does It Mean For Your Business?” this session will include the following: 

  • Why consider immigration to fill labour job shortages

  • The purpose of the Pilot

  • The recruitment timeline

  • The process to hire through the Pilot

  • Employer eligibility 

  • Employer’s responsibilities

  • and more!

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