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"Hiring foreign workers can be complicated and daunting at the best of times.  The RNIP made the process clear and navigable for both us as a company and the international hire and their family. Through the program we were able to add a highly skilled employee to our team, and a growing family to our community." Randy Dyck, Human Resources Manager, Elmer’s Manufacturing


“At Prairie Logistics Trucking we have seen wonders happen as we have used the Rural & Immigration Pilot Program. It has helped us to find people for those hard positions to fill, we have expanded our business in a positive way and our productivity and customer service has been top quality.” Rodrigo Bravo, Operations Manager & Owner, Prairie Logistics Trucking

“I would like to share the excellent experience that FerroSmith had with SEED. The care and attention to detail was amazing and Stephanie helped us through every aspect of the Grant application process. We have since been supported with every aspect of using that grant to further grow our business and venture into new areas and products. The contact with a guiding mentor has been invaluable and enabled us to make sound business decisions and learn from other people’s experiences. We have also made use of the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program by hiring a foreign skilled worker. With the help of SEED and Stephanie, the process has gone seamlessly, and our new employee will be arriving to begin work on February 1, 2021. Thank you to SEED for helping our dreams come true.” Ross Hesom, Owner, FerroSmith

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