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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a significant impact on our local economy. While some businesses have been able to maintain operations, others are struggling due to shutdown measures. In order to protect the economy in Rhineland, Plum Coulee, Gretna and Altona, SEED is seeking to help local entrepreneurs return to business in a sustainable and safe manner. Therefore, the SEED Board has approved an emergency plan to assist with the recovery.


The plan involves helping local businesses with the following:

  1. Access free consultation with an accountant to assist with existing government support programs

  2. Access free consultation with a marketing professional

  3. Access SEED grants for recovery support and safety measures

  4. Run a shop local campaign called “Take Out to Help Out”


1) Access to Existing Support Programs

We are offering free consultations with a local accountant to help you understand and apply for the supports that are available to you. There are several financial support grants, subsidies and loans available to businesses through the federal government. However, navigating through the options and application details can be daunting. 


2) Access to Marketing Professional

We are offering free consultations with a marketing professional to help create promotional materials that showcase your business. During this consultation you will receive:

  • Phone or video consultation to talk about what you would like the community to know about your business (safety measures you are taking; safe pick-up/delivery services you offer, etc.), what you would like to promote, as well as receive tips for posting.


  • 1-month social media campaign package (up to 4 custom graphic files) to promote the items brought out during the consultation.

  • Optional custom digital poster featuring the campaign (you can use it digitally; print it yourself; or have it printed at your own expense).

3) Access to Grants

  • SEED is accepting grant requests from businesses who are struggling to keep their doors open and do not qualify for government funding. Or, only qualify for insufficient government funding. Priority will be given to businesses that:

    • Employs two or more people

    • Have seen a significant loss in sales  

    • Can demonstrate efforts to alter their business practices to respond to the new health risks   


  • SEED is accepting grant requests from businesses that need to add safety protocols to their facilities in response to COVID-19 guidelines. Priority is given to businesses that:

    • Are deemed non-essential by the provincial government

    • Are retail and/or service focused

    • Can demonstrate efforts to alter their business practices to respond to the new health risks   


4) Shop Local Campaign – “Take Out to Help Out”

SEED will give a financial allotment to each participating restaurant to be able to provide their customers with $10.00 off every takeout order over $30.00. The Take Out to Help Out campaign will initially run for one week, with the opportunity to be extended and include additional industries. 


*To see if your business qualifies for one or more of these offerings, please complete SEED’s COVID-19 Recovery Application Form below and submit it to Stephanie Harris, Economic Development Officer at 

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