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1. Employers interested in the pilot must contact SEED to arrange an employer pre-screening meeting

2. SEED ensures that the employer & job position meet the pilot eligibility criteria

3. SEED then uploads the approved job posting onto SEED’s website for applicants to review

4. Applicants must create a “candidate profile” on SEED’s website prior to applying to any job postings

5. Applicant applies to job postings that meets their past work experience and education and ensure they have the ability to carry out the job duties and responsibilities listed.


6. Applicant can create a candidate profile which offers the option to set up career alert(s) automatically notifying them by email of job opportunities matching their criteria, as they become available.

7. SEED forwards applicant’s resume to the employer

8. The Employer then conducts normal hiring practices, such as reviewing the resume, conduct interview & reference checks

9. Upon satisfaction, the employer provides an Offer of Employment to the successful applicant & provides a copy of the offer to SEED

10. SEED will provide the applicant with Schedule 1 – Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot and Community Recommendation Questions documents to complete and upload online in “candidate profile” in addition to all supporting documents in order apply for community recommendation

11. SEED will verify the Offer of Employment & Community Recommendation Application documentation

12. Once SEED ensures all the documentation is in order, the Vetting Committee assesses the priority factors and the top-ranking candidates move onto further assessment including an applicant interview to ensure they intend to reside in the community.

13. SEED will provide the applicant who have received a positive assessment from the Vetting Committee with community recommendation

14. The applicant then submits a Permanent Residence application to IRCC & is assessed against federal selection criteria & admissibility requirements

15. Once IRCC confirms that the application is complete, the applicant and their family members (if applicable) can apply for a work permit and, if approved, may come to Canada while the application for permanent residence is being processed

16. The employer and community welcomes the applicant and provides services to support their settlement and integration

The Process for Assessing Applications

SEED will assess applications on a monthly basis and provide recommendations up to a maximum of 10% of the annual allocated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Applications which are not recommended will be held for six months and will be considered in each of those monthly assessment periods. At the end of six months, the application will no longer be under consideration. The employer who offered the qualifying position may wish to extend the job offer, or the candidate may secure a new job offer for another position posted on SEED’s website and submit an updated application for recommendation.

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