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Employer Eligibility 

To be eligible to participate, employers must:

  • Be located within the Town of Altona and Municipality of Rhineland and the job duties must take place within the Town of Altona and Municipality of Rhineland

  • Have considered Canadians and Permanent Residents first to fill the job

  • Not be known to be in violation of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) and/or provincial employment standards

Employer Requirements

Eligible employers must also agree to the following requirements: 

  • Provide the applicant with a job offer using Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Offer of Employment Form (which can be provided by SEED)

  • Must formally connect the applicant with another employee (in a mentorship role) within the workplace for a minimum of six months

  • Must have a company representative pick up the applicant and their family when they first arrive in Winnipeg and bring them to Altona/Rhineland

  • Must demonstrate a commitment to establishing newcomer friendly practices in the workplace, if they do not already exist


Next Steps

If your business meets the eligibility criteria and you are willing to agree to the employer requirements, please contact Stephanie Harris at SEED to schedule an employer pre-screening meeting!

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